Really Stupid Writing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them by Sherrill Wark

I am currently reading this book to give my writing a bit of a boost. It is funny, a quick read and very useful. For more information on this book and other great tidbits, check out Crowe Creations at

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A Little Story to Start the Day?

Here is a link to one of my earlier pieces, titled “Colors”. It has over TEN THOUSAND views.

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Time to…

Dust off those poems and short stories you have lying around and submit them to Fiddles & Scribbles!!! Imagine, seeing your words and name in print. The year is almost over, time to be a WRAVE (brave author!!!) and submit your work, see what the New Year brings.

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We Want Your Words!

There is still plenty of time to submit poetry and/or short stories to:

* poem of the month

* 1st issue of Fiddles & Scribbles mini-magazine do out in March 2015

* Chapbook Submission

Please see guidelines before submitting.



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Chapbook Submission?

This site is new and to kick off the new year I have decided to produce a chapbook of poetry from a single author and it could be you! Submission to enter this contest closes January 1st 2014 at 5pm. The winner will be announced here January 15th, 2014.


Please send 12-16 previously unpublished poems to Poems can be on any theme, max number lines is 36 including breaks between the stanzas. Please list the title of your collection and contact information. If you wish to include a small dedication, you can include that as well. If you are chosen, you will be contacted for your bio. The winning entry wins 22 copies of the chapbook printed by Fiddles & Scribbles. Eleven copies will go to the author, one copy will be kept on file and the last 10 will be available for purchase on this site. The collection will be available in February 2015. Good luck!

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Supporting Fiddles & Scribbles

I have set up a website to help with the upfront cost of starting up a mini-magazine. If you are able to donate that would be great. Please check out the site at Thanks!

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Fiddles & Scribbles

I have been writing for a bit and I enjoy reading other people’s work as well. I decided to start my own small place for other writer’s to submit their work to. If you are interested in submitting, please go to Submissions.

Thanks for dropping by!

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